Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Upcoming Events And Posts To Expect

For those of you who don't know us in real life, it's been hectic around here. The last two weekends we've ended up short half the herd, which is why the VBS Bible sessions have not been updated. It's not that I'm neglecting my duties here, just that we have been postponing them until the whole herd is back together again.

Our current family itinerary for the next month or so is complicated, but then since when do we take the easy road?

September 9th-11th - Grandparent's Day and Gospel Light's SonRock VBS day 4 (Bible Story: Peter denies Jesus; Daily Truth: Forgiven by Jesus)

September 16th-18th - Gospel Light's SonRock VBS day 5 (Bible Story: Peter helps a lame man; Daily Truth: Living for Jesus)

September 23rd-25th - We'll be hosting our autumn biannual Free For All in support of the Springfield Stocking Stuffers project. If you're local, this is a great time to pick up free books, toys, and miscellaneous household stuff. We're still sorting through boxes so no telling what all will be included.

September 30th-October 2nd - We'll be attending the local KAMO rally. Expect pictures.

October 7th-9th - We'll be starting our journey through The Story study program by Randy Frazee. We're still negotiating as to which curriculum level we'll be working with this first time through the program, but expect pictures and updates either way. The program consists of 31 weekly lessons, but it'll take longer than 31 weeks to go through it due to breaks for holidays and such.

Looking Ahead:

November 4th-6th - We will take a break from our weekly studies of The Story, instead reflecting on the persecuted Christians worldwide for the International Day Of Prayer (November 6th). To do this, we will utilize The Voice Of The Martyr's Exile Night curriculum. I will post more information about this event a week or so before it takes place, so anyone who wants to follow our journey and participate is encouraged to do so. There are free resources on their website.

November 18th-20th - We'll be taking another break from The Story, and participating in the Open Doors Blackout event, as another activity to reflect on persecuted Christians worldwide. The official Blackout has 24 or 48-hour options, and is a sign off from the internet - things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in conjunction with praying for the persecuted. We plan on using the 48-hour version, and expanding it to be a Blackout from all electricity (with the exception of taking pictures for posterity). Again, I will post more information closer to the event, so please join us (at any level of participation) if you feel compelled. Visit their website for free resources.

If you have any input on any of these events, or would like more information - please drop us a line or comment below.

I also plan on continuing to post about one book review a week, depending on how quickly I receive books from publishers and how much free time I scrounge up to read. Right now, I'm working on seven books, so I should be done with one of them soon. If you have any reading suggestions for me, let me know. Thanks :)

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