Sunday, August 7, 2016

SonRock In-Home VBS - Day Two

     Today's Bible story was about Jesus walking on water. The main truth was "Protected By Jesus", and this week's critter was a bear. The craft project was to customize tote bags with a mountain, sun, cloud, and tree(s). The kids had lots of fun and quickly let their creativity take over.
     They also played two games, but I didn't get any pictures of that. One was using a fishing pole made out of a wrapping paper tube, curling ribbon, and magnets to catch paper "fish" with paper clips on them. Some of the fish had an activity (jump on one foot ten times), while others had review questions from the Bible story (What do you think Peter felt when Jesus told him to come to him?). The kids thought the best part of this game was catching the cat-fish that kept trying to attack the ribbon.
     The second game was a large tub of water with sand, fishing lure worms, and coins on the bottom. I then put blown up water balloons on the surface to obstruct their view of the bottom. They took turns reaching in, digging through the sand, and pulling up the first five things they found. For each coin, they got a piece of paper with a word or two from the lesson's memory verse on it. After all the papers were handed out, the kid with the most got a sticker, and they had to work together in order to assemble the pieces of the memory verse. They liked this game enough that they requested it stay set up in my kitchen so they could go fishing again later. :)

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