Tuesday, August 30, 2016

KiKi Doing A Color By Number With His AAC Device

The last time that KiKi was doing a color by number picture, I simply had him point to the right number on the color key. This time I decided to step it up a notch. I used his AAC device to display a number screen for him to select the number that corresponds to the number for each spot on the mosaic design.

Step 1) KiKi points to the correct number on his AAC device to match the number shown on the next open space which he wants to put a colored foam sticker on.

Step 2) KiKi points to the spot on the mosaic design where we wants to place the sticker, correlating it with the number he pointed to on his device.

Step 3) I give KiKi a foam sticker of the correct color to match the number that he has pointed to and matched on the mosaic. He places the sticker onto the design.

He spent about 2.5 hours working on this one design today, and has not finished it yet. He'll be taking it to speech therapy tomorrow to show his therapist his progress. Out of all the pieces he placed on it today, he only tried to misplace two pieces. Both of which were ones where he got distracted after getting the sticker and forgot which number/place that sticker went with.

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