Sunday, July 31, 2016

SonRock In-Home VBS - Day One

     Today was our first lesson of Gospel Light's SonRock VBS curriculum for our in-home Bible study time. The kids learned the story of Simon becoming Peter and Peter becoming a fisher of men. The truth lesson for today was "Accepted By Jesus", and the critter of the week was a SKUNK! The kids were super excited when they figured that out and got to watch a very brief video on skunks as past of the lesson.

The kids with this week's camp mascot :)
Kiki doing a skunk coloring page.
This week's craft project: Boats in a cellophane sea.

     This is our first time using a VBS curriculum as our Bible study material, and it had a lot of hiccups. Overall, though, it seems to be a pretty good fit for us. We stopped going to church two months ago, which sucked because we'd only been going to church for about that long. But I'm having way too many anxiety issues to be spending that much time around that many people right now. And that's a story for a different day. Regardless, there'll be more coming soon. Peace. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Precious Is Life

     We lost Precious, our resident "momma kitty", yesterday due to a blood parasite from a tick bite. She was a feral momma that we'd taken in last summer when our dog found her and her four very young kittens half-starved under a wood pile out back. She had no signs of sickness or anything being wrong until yesterday morning when she wouldn't stand up or come over to get petted. We got her into the vet as soon as they opened, but she passed away around noon.
     This verse was in today's Bible reading, and it hit me. Hard. It'll never have the same meaning to me as it once did. It's amazing how much our perspective changes over time. Peace.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Inspire NLT Journaling Bible - Book of Genesis

Here are my journaling entries in my Inspire NLT Bible (Tyndale House Publishers) for the book of Genesis, as well as my personal renderings of some of the pre-printed verses. Not all of the pre-printed verses for Genesis are included, just those that I would have still depicted if they had not been pre-printed.

Genesis 1:31

Genesis 2:25

Genesis 9:16

Genesis 15:1

Genesis 15:6

Genesis 18:14

Genesis 22:14

Genesis 26:24
Genesis 28:15

Genesis 31:48-49

Genesis 32:10

Genesis 33:11

Genesis 35:11 

Genesis 39:23

Genesis 41:38

Genesis 46:3

Genesis 49:18

Genesis 50:20

Genesis 50:24