Friday, June 14, 2013

General Update

     So, I got on here this morning knowing exactly what I was going to say. Some long ramble about absolutely nothing really. About how the kids are doing, about still not having anyone to meet up with for coffee, about now having over 200 books to give out for the Stocking Stuffers Project, and about our new turtle named Boxer (or Boxtur, depending on the moment)...
     Then I signed in and read my comments awaiting moderation, which I hadn't checked in several months. And you know how sometimes the simplest things can confuse the heck out of you? This was one of those things. I'm not going to hit the "all clear" button and post it, there's no point. Every story has two sides, and this is my site, my story. I really, sincerely, don't care about anyone else's at the moment. Why? Because you have no clue what my life is like, or what the heck you consider "trying"... She loved the birthday card, by the way. And the Christmas card. And the photos and letters. All so heart-felt and meaningful... There's your daily dose of sarcasm for those who require it. Back to reality...

     ZoKo is working toward wrapping up her 5th grade school year, set to start 6th grade in September. She's acquired almost 1300 hours at this point toward the 2012-2013 school year, which ends June 30th. The state minimum is 1000 hours. I think she'll make it.
     B is determined to join the homeschooling flock next year, so we've been busy doing prep work for that overhaul. So far, so good.
     KiKi has been discharged from speech theray and physical therapy. He continues occupational therapy and feeding therapy, both once a week. His JabTalk (picture communication) program on the Kindle Fire decided to erase its memory, so we're switching over to real photos ASAP. Hopefully he'll continue to make progress during the transition, without falling behind too terribly much.
     We got a new turtle, he goes by Boxer or Boxtur, depending on the moment. He loves swimming and has his own pet goldfish, six feeders he decided he'd rather admire than eat. Oh well...
     The cow is still a cow, the same with the cats and bunnies.
     The quest for friends is still a monumental failure. If anyone knows anyone interested in a cup of coffee, a play date, browsing flea markets, or learning more about homeschooling in MO, let me know. Seriously.
     We started a new financial incentive. I add a 10% bonus to everything the girls earn, and put it in a dolphin coin bank I got from a church sale on bag day. This money will go towards family outings like ice skating and movies. :)
     Oh, church sales.... Hit three of them last weekend, went back on bag day. Snagged 75 kids books for $2 total, all headed toward the Stocking Stuffers Project. Also got a box of 65 short clear glasses with holly on them that are going to be votive candle holders for the Stocking Stuffers recipients that give an all-clear on breakable contents. Hopefully lots of them do, I'd like to give out one candle per family, it'd make a nice Christmas dinner decoration. I also bought a huge assortment of bisque ceramics from a yard sale a few months back. Several thousand pieces for $50. The girls are going to paint those to hand out to friends and include in Stocking Stuffers as appropriate. :)
     I've been working on organizing things for the new school year, starting July 1st. Have all my book-keeping set up, including several new forms that I personally created from scratch to use as hours logs and assignment lists for documentation. I also have been prepping an excellent bible study program I found for free online, and correlating it to go with the chronological bible we bought so we plan on starting at-home bible studies in the first part of August. Oh, and ZoKo is on book 2 of the Young Person's School Of Magic and Mystery (Dreamtime Magic) for her spiritual studies curriculum. She's loving the series. :)
     I'm sure there's plenty more I should post since it's been so long. But I can't think of a darn thing at the moment. I have several new poems to post on my other blog, which I will attempt to remember to do this weekend. Cross your paws... Peace.

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