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Homeschooling - 26.5 Weeks In

   The last few weeks have been short on hours, with holiday break from public school, my husband having a few random days off work, and a bad tummy bug circulating our residence. We plan on getting back on schedule this week, but at least I have the hours logged and everything calculated out to bring us up to date in the hours log and journal.

     Grade 2, progress report 18...

          - Total Hours completed as of December 31st, 2011 -
     Science     105.50
     Math     95.25
     History & Social Studies     89.25
     Language Arts & Reading     438.75
     Daily Review     1.50
     Health & Physical Education     129.00
     Art     57.75
     Home Economics     6.75
     Foreign Language (Latin)     23.25

          - Total Hours     947.00     out of     1,000 mandatory hours -
     Hours Left:     53.00     averaging     2.25/week  -or-  0.50/day

Curriculum used this week (percentage of current status towards completion):
          Textbook - Understanding God's World (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 8 of 158     (5.1%)
          Reading - Burgess Animal Book For Children (Thornton W Burgess)     chapter 10 of 40     (25.0%)
          Textbook - Arithmetic 4 (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 11 of 170     (6.5%)
          Reading - Children's Puzzle Book     page 81 of 85     (95.3%)
          Textbook - History Of Our United States (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 58 of 73     (79.5%)
          Reading - Little Duke (Charlotte Mary Yonge)     chapter 13 of 13     (100%)
     Language Arts:
          Grammar - God's Gift Of Language A (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 4 of 167     (2.4%)
          Comprehension - Frontiers To Explore (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 15 of 43     (34.9%)
          Penmanship - Cursive 3 (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 168 of 175     (96.0%)
          Ind Reading - Fire World (Chris D'Lacey)     chapter 49 of 60     (81.7%)
          Classic Lit - Outdoor Girls On Pine Island (Laura Lee Hope)     chapter 16 of 25     (64.0%)
          Classic Lit - Patchwork Girl Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)     chapter 12 of 28     (42.9%)
          Textbook - Your Health (Harcourt gr 3)     lesson 57 of 85     (67.1%)
          Reading - Book Of Virtues (William J Bennett)     lesson 39 of 100     (39.0%)
     Foreign Language:
          Latin - Minimus (Cambridge)     lesson 37 of 81     (45.7%)

Completed Curriculum For The 2011-2012 School Year (2nd Grade):
          Textbook - Discovery Works (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)
          Reading - First Book Of Bees (Albert Tibbets)
          Reading - Polar Bears (Susan Canizares)
          Reading - Rain Forest (Jinny Johnson)
          Reading - True Story Of Corky The Blind Seal (Georgeanne Irvine)
          Reading - To Be A Chimpanzee (Chris Martin)
          Reading - Horses (Harold Roth)
          Reading - Rattlesnakes (ZooBooks)
          Reading - Otter On His Own (Doe Boyle)
          Reading - Day Of The Dinosaur (Stan Berenstain)
          Reading - Kittens And Cats (Intercontinental Books)
          Reading - Creature Questions (Chris Kratt)
          Reading - Bravest Dog Ever (Natalie Standiford)
          Reading - Wild Cats (Diane Muldrow)
          Reading - Where Do Birds Live (Betsey Chessen)
          Reading - Look To The North (Jean Craighead George)
          Reading - Big Dinosaurs (Michael Berenstain)
          Reading - All Kinds Of Animals (Merrigold Press)
          Reading - Ancient Forest (Guy J Spencer)
          Reading - Animals (A+)
          Reading - Penguins And Other Polar Animals (Dalmatian Press)
          Reading - Discovering Australian Wildlife (Steve Parish)
          Reading - First Book Of Bugs (Margaret Williamson)
          Reading - My First Book About Space (Dinah L Moche)
          Reading - True Book Of Insects (Illa Podendorf)
          Reading - Tunnel Builders (James E Kelly)
          Reading - Little Puppy (Judy Dunn)
          Reading - Little Lamb (Judy Dunn)
          Reading - KoKo's Kitten (Francine Patterson)
          Reading - Urban Animals (Barbara Taylor)
          Reading - Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children (Jane Andrews)
          Reading - Face To Face Wolves (Scholastic)
          Textbook - Arithmetic 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          Reading - Brain Games For Kids (Publications International)
          Textbook - Spectrum Geography Grade 3 (McGraw Hill gr 3)
          Reading - Stories Of American Life And Adventure (Edward Eggleston)
          Reading - First Dog (Jan Brett)
          Reading - Orient (Tom McMahon)
          Reading - Story Of Jumping Mouse (John Steptoe)
          Reading - U S Mail (Elaine A Kule)
          Reading - Why The Sun And The Moon Live In The Sky (Elphinstone Dayrell)
          Reading - Finding The Titanic (Robert D Ballard)
          Reading - Stories From Old Russia (Edward W Dolch)
          Reading - Meet The Pilgrim Fathers (Elizabeth Payne)
          Reading - Dancing Teepees (Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve)
          Reading - Abiyoyo (Pete Seeger)
          Reading - If You'd Been Born In India (Gail Ranadive)
          Reading - Russia (Chantal Deltenre)
          Reading - Abby Takes A Stand (Patricia C McKissack)
          Reading - Little Duke (Charlotte Mary Yonge)
     Language Arts:
          Grammar - Language 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          Comprehension - Silly Things Happen (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)
          Comprehension - Foot Prints (Abeka gr 3)
          Comprehension - Worlds Of Wonder (Abeka gr 3)
          Independent Reading - Last Dragon Chronicles:
               Fire Star (Chris D'Lacey)
               Fire Eternal (Chris D'Lacey)
               Dark Fire (Chris D'Lacey)
          Independent Reading - Twilight Saga:
               New Moon (Stephenie Meyer)
               Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer)
               Breaking Dawn (Stephenie Meyer)
               Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner (Stephenie Meyer)
          Classic Literature - Outdoor Girls series:
               Outdoor Girls Of Deepdale (Laura Lee Hope)
               Outdoor Girls In A Motor Car (Laura Lee Hope)
               Outdoor Girls In A Winter Camp (Laura Lee Hope)
               Outdoor Girls In Florida (Laura Lee Hope)
               Outdoor Girls At Ocean View (Laura Lee Hope)
          Classic Literature - Oz series:
               Wizard Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
               Land Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
               Ozma Of Oz (Laura Lee Hope)
               Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
               Road To Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
               Emerald City Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          Classic Literature - Black Beauty - Young Folks' Edition (Anna Sewell)
          Classic Literature - Flower Fables (Louisa May Alcott)
          Classic Literature - Tale Of Jemima Puddle Duck (Beatrix Potter)
          Free Reading - Glory Of Unicorns (Bruce Coville)
          Free Reading - Wishbone - Unleashed In Space (Alexander Steele)
          Free Reading - Wishbone - Salty Dog (Brad Strickland)
          Textbook - Health, Safety, & Manners 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          Reading - It's Not The Stork (Robie H Harris)
     Foreign Language:

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