Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House Tour 5 - Upstairs

   The girls' room and our bedroom are both upstairs, along with the bathroom that Chimera has claimed.

B has the top bed, and ZoKo has the bottom bed. The portacrib is full of stuffed animals Cabbage Patch Kids, and My Little Pony soft babies. The bin storage rack has plastic food, small dollhouse pieces, and Barbies.

The rest of the girls' room. The Snoopy chest is toys. The spaceship chest is doll clothes and such. The shelf units are for "special" items and keepsakes. ZoKo has the one on the left and B's is on the right. It varies as to which one is actually organized at any given time. The plastic houses toward the right are for Barbies.

The girls' closet is small (although larger than ours). There is a dresser on each side of the doorway inside it. On top of each girl's dresser is her purple/pink tackle box for hair supplies, lip glosss, and body lotions.

I don't like dressers. So this is the "dresser" in our room, a freestanding closet that sits along the wall across from our bed.


House Tour 4 - Basement & Library

     The basement contains our library, Ms. Bunny, Ponyville, dress up clothes, the game collection, and my holiday decorations.

 This is the main portion of our library/reading area. It houses our fiction literature, assorted stuffed animals, a US map rug, two bean bags, a Lion King chair, B, and Ms. Bunny (the green triangle in the bottom right corner is her roof).

Here's a side view of B and a front view of Ms. Bunny in her cage.

This is the secondary library area (it backs up against the shelves in the reading area). It contains all future textbooks and educational games on the shorter bookshelf. The taller one contains science, history, and health reading books. I need two more shelf units in this area, but have not found any cheap enough yet.

This is the side wall of my basement, and the reason I need two more bookshelves in the science & history reading section...

Also stored in the reading area, on the side wallis my holiday/seasonal stuff. Sorted in tubs by holiday, this includes decorations, books, movies, cards, and stuffed animals.

Across the walk-path from the textbooks sits these bookshelves. Kids' board games on the left unit, with card games on top of it. The right one contains encyclopedia sets, including Goldenbook, Childcraft, an illustrated history encyclopedia sets, a people of US history set, and a few science encyclopedias (hidden behind the blue tub).

Ponyville... enough said. lol

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House Tour 3 - Dining Room & Living Room

     On to the dining room, also known as the craft supply room and the school room...

 The craft supply shelves next to the dinner table. The tubs contain, things like crayons, glue, scraps of paper, and pipe cleaners. The black notebooks are seasonal activities and coloring pages, and the books next to them are craft books. The books on the shelf below the construction paper are "how to draw" books and notebooks of blank paper. The shelf above the construction paper has science experiment kits.

On the other side of the dinner table is another bookshelf. This one is loaded with 3 ring binders of activities and lesson pland for language arts, science, and history (organized by individual topic). The purple/white cage houses BunBun, our miracle bunny that has almost completely recovered from complete paralysis due to a broken back. He can now walk just fine, and is still working on learning how to hop again. The empty 3 ring binders stacked are ones I have not finished organizing papers to fill yet.

KiKi's favorite place in the dining room is the mddle of the open floor. It's great for puzzles.

This shelf sits opposite the table and contains the textbooks and notebooks currently in use, as well as "school" supplies for B and Odie. It also houses the dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, atlas, and globe.

Backed up to that bookshelf is ZoKo's desk in a homemade little cubicle. She does very little work here.

This is one of the places you're likely to find ZoKo doing work, my living room. Oh look, a Chimera...

This is another place she likes to read. Curled up with Super Fluffers on the living room floor.

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House Tour 2 - Kitchen

     Now for my kitchen. Not the part used for cooking food though, lol. Rather the parts the kids go for.

This is the first thing you will see as you enter my kitchen, a KiKi surrounded by shredded paper/cardboard. It's a big de-stressor for him. Just step around the kid and don't slip on the shreds. The big Tigger behind him is known as his car drive Tigger. And Chimera (the cat) makes his first appearance during this little tour.

And now Chimera would like to show you the pantry, or rather the door of it. As well as KiKi's drawing desk and paper shred stash (Chimera's favorite place to sleep). On the inside of the pantry door is my newest organzation tool. I got the idea from a different blog, but have no idea which one. It is a poster frame with 6 sheets of scrapbooking paper in it. The clear plastic of the frame is good for dry-erase markers, and you can put anything you want to in the frame. (There are more detailed photos below.)

Above the organization board is an over the door hanger I got from Target for $2.50. It works perfectly for storing my measuring cups/spoons so my drawers are less cluttered and I don't have to dig for the right one. The collection is very low right now due to baking yesterday.

Here's a full view shot of the organization board.

Panel 1: "Quote of the Day"

Panel 2: Family/Household Chores (mark off list), Current Bills, To Do List, and Weekend Plans.

Panel 3: Shopping List, Finances, and Animal Care chart.

Panel 4: I have no use for this panel yet, besides that I liked it and it fit well with the others.

Panel 5: B's Weekly Chore Chart and B's Daily Chores (mark off lists).

Panel 6: ZoKo's Weekly Chore Chart and ZoKo's Daily Chore Chart (mark off lists).

     Again, all of the chore lists and charts are written on the scrapbook paper prior to insertion, so a dry erase marker can be used to draw a line through each as it is accomplished. Most of the rest of the board simply has titles or headlines written down so things can be filled in and erased at any time. The girls' weekly chore charts run on a 2 week rotation, because B goes to visit her mom every other weekend. This keeps things consistant as to who is expected to do what when it comes to work.

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House Tour 1 - Boys' Room

     As I was looking through my email and reading other blogs this morning, I remembered that I keep meaning to post pics on here of our house areas, and I keep forgetting to. So, consider yourself warned. The next few posts will be graphic - as in, having pictures - and show a small glimpse into my home. We're starting this little tour with the Boys' Room.

This is what the boys' room looks like when a KiKi has been playing in it. You can easily see KiKi's crib, the big red ball the kids climb in (the girls love to hide in it), the Clifford "spring horse", an air inflated turtle floor pillow, the spaceshuttle table (for the magnadoodle and a spinning gear toy I don't know the name of), the slide (the newest addition to the room), and the giraffe chair. Oh, and the KiKi.

Here's the corner with the crib in it. Kota (the ride on dino) is still a favorite of the older kids too. KiKi likes Clifford. The metal bar behind the yoga ball belongs to the rebounder trampoline I found for KiKi.

A better view of the rebounder trapoline, yoga ball, and a Tigger...

 Odie's bed is in the corner, with a better view of the big red ball and the slide. And a mostly headless KiKi.

This is the closet of the boys' room. That's a lego table and bin set on the left, a ride on Tigger in the middle, and storage bins for balls, toys, and stuffed animals on the right. And the giraffe chair.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Closet Cleanout & More

   Once every 3 months (quarterly), we do a "closet cleanout" weekend. That happens to be this weekend for summer. So, the girls are both emptying their dressers and closet space onto my living room floor. Then they have to try on every article of clothing that they own, and sort it into three piles: Keep, Maybe, Pass On/Box Up... At the end of it all, they get to go through boxes of "new" clothing from yardsales and such, and pick out some new clothes.
   We sort out the clothing once each season, but with where we live in SW Missouri, it's not practical to sort by the season. You're likely to have one or two chilly days in summer and a few hot days in winter around here... This is an all weekend affair, and I'm hoping we get it done by tomorrow night. :) I might even post a few pictures of the aftermath. Maybe.

   I dyed my hair last night, and cut it. It's now black. Planning on adding red dye for highlights in a week or so. If I feel like it. Anyway, my Mutt and I were talking while I was rinsing out the dye, and he said that hair dye had to be invented by a man who got sick of always looking at the same chick and wanted the fantasy of someone different. I told him he was wrong, that hair dye had to be invented by some chick who wanted to look more like her sister in order to win her husband back... I won. :) ...I'm sure that neither of those are right, but that wasn't the point. It gave us something to talk and laugh about, another moment to feel a little bit closer to each other.

Here's a small and lousy cell phone pic of the new me. lol 

     I'll try to find some random tidbit to post again tonight or tomorrow, but who knows. Mutt keeps telling me I should post on here more often, that maybe it'll help with my current stent of depression (about 2-3 months now). I don't know... Right now, he's just as bad as I am though, most of that is personal so I'm not going to go into excessive details. Let's just say it's really hard for a married man to find a decent chick to actually talk to, and leave it at that.

     Right now, the Cow laying next to me snoring is making me tired, so I think I'm going to go wash a French Press and have a vanilla latte. I'm out of raspberry flavoring. :(

     Till next time, Peace Out. :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Family's Education ~ 2012-2013 School Year ~


     Here in Missouri, the official homeschool year runs from July 1st to June 30th. This means that ZoKo is a little over a month into the new school year. She's technically in 4th grade right now. Our goal is to have her mostly progressed to 5th grade by Christmas or New Year's Day. We'll see...
     This year we are continuing our eclectic homeschool methods from last year. She has a textbook/curriculum base (A Beka as primary, various publishers as secondary), with a heavy emphasis on classic literature (thank Amazon for their wonderful database of free Kindle books), and unit studies to supplement (yard sales rock!). This year, however, we are going to be doing the unit studies as a family learning time on a monthly schedule, including B even though she will be attending public school again.

     Right now, ZoKo's current curriculum is as follows:
               Science..... Understanding God's World (A Beka, gr 4)
               Math..... Arithmetic 4 (A Beka, gr 4)
               History..... Communities & Resources (Silver Burdett, gr 3)
                              (she has already completed A Beka History, gr 4)
               Grammar..... God's Gift Of Language A (A Beka, gr 4)
               Comprehension..... Dinosauring (Houghton Mifflin, gr 4)
               Penmanship..... Penmanship Mastery 2 (A Beka, gr 5)
               Health..... Enjoying Good Health (A Beka, gr 5)
          All of these books (aside from Health and Comprehension) were started prior to July 1st.

     She is continuing to read a lot, and I'm not even going to pretend to keep track of book titles this year online. She currently reads from 1 science book, 1 history book, 2 classic literature books, and 2 independent reading books every day. This totals about 2-4 hours of straight reading every day, plus free reading time (usually on the weekends).
     She has been on a summer schedule of 3 days per week for curriculum and 5 days per week for reading. This will be moved up to 4 days per week for curriculum this week. The reading stays at 5 days per week.
     So far, she has clocked in a total of 178.25 hours out of the mandatory 1,000 yearly hours. This means she must average 17.5 hours per week or 2.5 hours per day for the rest of the school year...


     Officially, KiKi is only 4.5 years old and is too young to homeschool. Unofficially, this keeps that state off my ass about enrolling him in public preschool. So, he is registered as a homeschooler for this school year. I am using the unschooling approach with him, anyone who knows him will understand why. I will be updating the following list of approved activities per category as he discovers/achieves them...

                    Light ray exploration with CD
                    "How It's Made" on TV
                    Dinosaur sorting and anatomy exploration
                    Reading science books with family
               Math & Logical Thinking.....
                    Lego building and organization
                    Car sorting
                    Puzzles and logical thinking/problem solving
               History & Social Studies.....
                    Holiday celebration and observation
                    Game etiquette and social observance
                    Socialization and public etiquette
               Language Arts & Communication Skills.....
                    Button communication practice
                    Speech therapy (field trip)
                    Practice lines and circles on MagnaDoodle
               Physical Education & Health.....
                    Craniosacral treatment and relaxation techniques
                    Occupational therapy
                    Physical therapy
                    Tigger racing
                    Practice jumping on rebounder and in crib
                    Coloring pictures
                    Coloring CD's
                    Random drawing on MagnaDoodle

     So far, he has racked in 66.00 hours out of 1,000, meaning he must average 20.00 hours per week or 3.00 hours per day for the rest of the school year.

...Family Unit Studies...

     Last year, I tried doing weekly unit studies with just the girls. Then it became just holiday unit studies on the day of that holiday. Yeah, I'm sure you can guess how successful that endeavor was... So, this year, we're doing monthly unit studies as a family. Pick one topic at the beginning of each month and focus on it (as a family) for 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. Read books, watch tv shows, do lapbooks, make crafts, whatever I can come up with. The girls are very excited about this, and even moreso once they figured out Daddy would be participating. We plan on picking August's topic this evening. I will keep you posted. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Homeschooling - 10 Weeks Left

   So, it's been quite a while since I posted anything about ZoKo's schooling on here. Or any other posts, for that matter. Anyway, last week was cut short because she had a scooter accident on Wednesday and fractured her ankle. The first trip to the ER lasted til 3am and ended with a splint and crutches. And the second ER trip was less than 24 hours later, because the first splint was put on holding her foot at a bad angle. After three hours of screaming, she finally passed out within a minute of them removing the first splint and straightening her foot out. She stayed asleep through them measuring her leg, wrapping her ankle, and placing the new splint on it. Then she also slept the whole car ride home... All in all, it was a hectic few days. Right now I'm waiting on a call back from a specialist that was supposed to call me on Thursday to schedule an appointment for her ankle and further x-rays, and to determine if the splint is sufficient for the healing process.
   I'm not going to be listed the percentage completed in each of her books at the moment, but I will update which titles she is currently working on, and which ones have been completed so far.

     Grade 2, progress report 19...

          - Total Hours completed as of April 21st, 2012 -
     Science     162.00
     Math     158.00
     History & Social Studies     164.75
     Language Arts & Reading     653.00
     Daily Review     1.50
     Health & Physical Education     219.75
     Art     73.50
     Home Economics     7.75
     Foreign Language (Latin)     29.00

          - Total Hours     1,469.25     out of     1,000 mandatory hours -

Curriculum used this week:
          Textbook - Understanding God's World (Abeka gr 4)
          Reading - Horses Of Myth
          Textbook - Arithmetic 4
          Textbook - People And Resources (Silver Burdett)
          Reading - This Country Of Ours (H E Marshall)
     Language Arts:
          Grammar - God's Gift Of Language A (Abeka gr 4)
          Comprehension - Enchanted Isles (Abeka gr 4)
          Penmanship - Penmanship Mastery 2 (Abeka gr 5)
          Ind Reading - Last World War (Dayton Ward)
          Classic Lit - Outdoor Girls At Wild Rose Lodge (Laura Lee Hope)
          Classic Lit - Little Wizard Stories Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          Textbook - Discovering Good Health (Abeka gr 4)
          Reading - Book Of Virtues (William J Bennett)
     Foreign Language:
          Latin - Minimus (Cambridge)

Completed Curriculum For The 2011-2012 School Year (2nd Grade):

          1) Discovery Works (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)
          1) First Book Of Bees (Albert Tibbets)
          2) Polar Bears (Susan Canizares)
          3) Rain Forest (Jinny Johnson)
          4) True Story Of Corky The Blind Seal (Georgeanne Irvine)
          5) To Be A Chimpanzee (Chris Martin)
          6) Horses (Harold Roth)
          7) Rattlesnakes (ZooBooks)
          8) Otter On His Own (Doe Boyle)
          9) Day Of The Dinosaur (Stan Berenstain)
          10) Kittens And Cats (Intercontinental Books)
          11) Creature Questions (Chris Kratt)
          12) Bravest Dog Ever (Natalie Standiford)
          13) Wild Cats (Diane Muldrow)
          14) Where Do Birds Live (Betsey Chessen)
          15) Look To The North (Jean Craighead George)
          16) Big Dinosaurs (Michael Berenstain)
          17) All Kinds Of Animals (Merrigold Press)
          18) Ancient Forest (Guy J Spencer)
          19) Animals (A+)
          20) Penguins And Other Polar Animals (Dalmatian Press)
          21) Discovering Australian Wildlife (Steve Parish)
          22) First Book Of Bugs (Margaret Williamson)
          23) My First Book About Space (Dinah L Moche)
          24) True Book Of Insects (Illa Podendorf)
          25) Tunnel Builders (James E Kelly)
          26) Little Puppy (Judy Dunn)
          27) Little Lamb (Judy Dunn)
          28) KoKo's Kitten (Francine Patterson)
          29) Urban Animals (Barbara Taylor)
          30) Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children (Jane Andrews)
          31) Face To Face Wolves (Scholastic)
          32) Burgess Animal Book (Thornton W Burgess)
          33) Planets And Outer Space (Carol Oz Bloch)
          34) Getting To Know Nature's Children: Wolves And Whales (Scholastic)
          35) Getting To Know Nature's Children: Polar Bears And Skunks (Scholastic)
          36) Great Kapok Tree (Lynne Cherry)
          1) Arithmetic 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          1) Brain Games For Kids (Publications International)
          1) Spectrum Geography Grade 3 (McGraw Hill gr 3)
          2) History Of Our United States (Abeka gr 4)
          1) Stories Of American Life And Adventure (Edward Eggleston)
          2) First Dog (Jan Brett)
          3) Orient (Tom McMahon)
          4) Story Of Jumping Mouse (John Steptoe)
          5) U S Mail (Elaine A Kule)
          6) Why The Sun And The Moon Live In The Sky (Elphinstone Dayrell)
          7) Finding The Titanic (Robert D Ballard)
          8) Stories From Old Russia (Edward W Dolch)
          9) Meet The Pilgrim Fathers (Elizabeth Payne)
          10) Dancing Teepees (Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve)
          11) Abiyoyo (Pete Seeger)
          12) If You'd Been Born In India (Gail Ranadive)
          13) Russia (Chantal Deltenre)
          14) Abby Takes A Stand (Patricia C McKissack)
          15) Little Duke (Charlotte Mary Yonge)
          16) Fifty Famous People (James Baldwin)
Language Arts:
          1) Language 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          1) Silly Things Happen (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)
          2) Foot Prints (Abeka gr 3)
          3) Worlds Of Wonder (Abeka gr 3)
          4) Frontiers To Explore (Abeka gr 3)
          1) Cursive 3 (Abeka gr 3)
     Independent Reading:
          1) Last Dragon Chronicles - Fire Star (Chris D'Lacey)
          2) Twilight Saga - New Moon (Stephenie Meyer)
          3) Last Dragon Chronicles - Fire Eternal (Chris D'Lacey)
          4) Twilight Saga - Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer)
          5) Glory Of Unicorns (Bruce Coville)
          6) Wishbone - Unleashed In Space (Alexander Steele)
          7) Wishbone - Salty Dog (Brad Strickland)
          8) Last Dragon Chronicles - Dark Fire (Chris D'Lacey)
          9) Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn (Stephenie Meyer)
          10) Twilight Saga - Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner (Stephenie Meyer)
          11) Charlotte's Web (E B White)
          12) Last Dragon Chronicles - Fire World (Chris D'Lacey)
          13) Santa Paws series - Santa Paws (Nicholas Edwards)
          14) Shiloh Trilogy - Shiloh (Phyllis Reynolds Naylor)
          15) Liesl And Po (Lauren Oliver)
          16) Shiloh Trilogy - Shiloh Season (Phyllis Reynolds Naylor)
          17) Santa Paws series - Santa Paws To The Rescue (Nisholas Edwards)
          18) Animal Ark series - Kitten In The Cold (Ben M Baglio)
          19) Winter's Child (Cameron Dokey)
          20) Animal Ark series - Sheepdog In The Snow (Ban M Baglio)
          21) Dog Called Kitty (Bill Wallace)
          22) See You Later, Gladiator (Jon Scieszka)
          23) Golden Acorn (Catherine Cooper)
          24) Dart And The Squirrels (Nicole Izmaylov)
          25) Santa Paws series - Santa Paws On Christmas Island (Kris Edwards)
     Classic Literature:
          1) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls Of Deepdale (Laura Lee Hope)
          2) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls In A Motor Car (Laura Lee Hope)
          3) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls In A Winter Camp (Laura Lee Hope)
          4) Oz series - Wizard Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          5) Oz series - Land Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          6) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls In Florida (Laura Lee Hope)
          7) Black Beauty - Young Folks' Edition (Anna Sewell)
          8) Oz series - Ozma Of Oz (Laura Lee Hope)
          9) Oz series - Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          10) Tale Of Jemima Puddle Duck (Beatrix Potter)
          11) Flower Fables (Louisa May Alcott)
          12) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls At Ocean View (Laura Lee Hope)
          13) Oz series - Road To Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          14) Oz series - Emerald City Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          15) Tale Of Tom Kitten (Beatrix Potter)
          16) Oz series - Patchwork Girl Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          17) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls On Pine Island (Laura Lee Hope)
          18) Oz series - Tik Tok Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          19) Oz series - Scarecrow Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          20) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls In Army Service (Laura Lee Hope)
          21) Oz series - Rinktink In Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          22) Oz series - Lost Princess Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          23) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls At Hostess House (Laura Lee Hope)
          24) Wind In The Willows (Kenneth Grahame)
          25) Oz series - Tin Woodman Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          26) Oz series - Magic Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          27) Outdoor Girls series - Outdoor Girls At Bluff Point (Laura Lee Hope)
          28) Oz series - Glinda Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          1) Health, Safety, & Manners 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          2) Your Health (Harcourt gr 3)
          1) It's Not The Stork (Robie H Harris)
Foreign Language:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life Lately...

   Okay, so I keep meaning to post something on here. And I keep thinking that if I just put it off a little while longer, than the perfect thing to say or what to talk about will just kind of jump out at me. But then life gets in the way. Well, maybe that's the whole point. Life. Alright, so now I have something to talk (or rather type) about...
   Let's see, right now we're house looking. We'd prefer to own/rent-to-own, but around here that doesn't happen without a large down payment. Something we don't have. So we're stuck with renting. Why move? The schools here suck. While I homeschool one furball, the other two are stuck in the government system, and thus we have to take that into account. So, we're hoping to move to a school system where the kids are actually expected to do work and perform at their best, and given some form of motivation to do so. The system here is little more than a free babysitter. To the extent that B can take in papers where she has written my first name on the "parent's signature" line in her own hand-writing and the teacher accepts it, under the guise that I must have just "forgotten" to sign it. Right... Anyway, so far we've called about around 20 houses, seen 3 and have one more scheduled to look at this afternoon. We like two of the three we've been in, although one screams out as being more practical for us at this time. The one we're in serious consideration over is in Springfield, which isn't necessarily bad. We want out of the Springfield area in the long run, but for right now it's what we can find and afford. Plus, it's close to most of KiKi's doctor appointments and such.
   As for the furballs, they're doing alright.
     ZoKo is still doing school work daily, and I am still keeping records (which I plan to post on here this evening), even though she has already completely her 1,000 mandatory hours for second grade. Oh, and she also just completed a 5 minute math drill in 60 seconds flat...
     KiKi just started speech therapy and occupational therapy (he's on a waiting list for physical therapy), after a 1.25 year hiatus. The speech therapist is the only one he's met so far, and just once. The therapists are not the same ones as the ones who did the evaluations. On the first meeting, I don't really like this speech therapist. She doesn't seem a good fit for him, and thought she was connecting when she wasn't. She also wants to focus on aversion therapy, using things he hates in order to get desired responses. He does not respond well to this procedure, and it has resulted in severe long-term breakdowns in the past.
     B is doing well at home. Not so much at school. Her teacher and other influences have convinced her that she has no reason to bother to do her best while at school. So, while she's at a mid-3rd grade math level at home (and rapidly progressing), she is currently bringing home papers in the 50-55% range from school. Why? Because she doesn't feel like doing the work and the teacher just gives her the answers if she's wrong, so why bother trying... Yes, at home, we make her do "school work", and we make her fix it on her own if she gets something wrong. We also expect her to do her best. Those last two things are seriously lacking in the public school system here. They do not believe in kids doing their best work up front, or in making them learn from fixing their mistakes. If you are wrong, the teacher tells you the right answer. And why do your best when "just okay" is good enough? Sheesh, what is our society coming to? Anyway, this is what brought on the whole "time to move" scenario. And yes, we did try to talk to the officials, they all feel her teacher is too strict (if anything), and there are some other issues there as well. Let's just say that some people need to learn the term "conflict of interest"...
     As for Odie, I'm not going to say much. Sort of like pleading the fifth. I don't feel like arguing with anyone that doesn't entirely know the situation, or like being held on trial for someone who pretends to know what's going on simply to judge first without bothering to take in the full presentation.

   KiKi has been in overload mode for a few weeks now, mostly due to an overwhelming number of evaluations, doctor's appointments, road trips, and new strangers to meet. I really feel badly for him and hope like heck that my baby can snap out of it and return to his former happiness soon, and without too much more of an ordeal.

   As for me personally, my days are filled with doctor appointments, shopping, laundry, dishes, schooling, and a million other things I never quite seem to get around to. I intend to start posting on here more frequently. Although every time that I post that intention I get side-swiped with more time-consuming tasks. So maybe I should try saying I'll never write on here again and see if the internet ghosts are subject to reverse psychology... Just a thought. Love ya and peace out. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Homeschooling - 26.5 Weeks In

   The last few weeks have been short on hours, with holiday break from public school, my husband having a few random days off work, and a bad tummy bug circulating our residence. We plan on getting back on schedule this week, but at least I have the hours logged and everything calculated out to bring us up to date in the hours log and journal.

     Grade 2, progress report 18...

          - Total Hours completed as of December 31st, 2011 -
     Science     105.50
     Math     95.25
     History & Social Studies     89.25
     Language Arts & Reading     438.75
     Daily Review     1.50
     Health & Physical Education     129.00
     Art     57.75
     Home Economics     6.75
     Foreign Language (Latin)     23.25

          - Total Hours     947.00     out of     1,000 mandatory hours -
     Hours Left:     53.00     averaging     2.25/week  -or-  0.50/day

Curriculum used this week (percentage of current status towards completion):
          Textbook - Understanding God's World (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 8 of 158     (5.1%)
          Reading - Burgess Animal Book For Children (Thornton W Burgess)     chapter 10 of 40     (25.0%)
          Textbook - Arithmetic 4 (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 11 of 170     (6.5%)
          Reading - Children's Puzzle Book     page 81 of 85     (95.3%)
          Textbook - History Of Our United States (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 58 of 73     (79.5%)
          Reading - Little Duke (Charlotte Mary Yonge)     chapter 13 of 13     (100%)
     Language Arts:
          Grammar - God's Gift Of Language A (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 4 of 167     (2.4%)
          Comprehension - Frontiers To Explore (Abeka gr 4)     lesson 15 of 43     (34.9%)
          Penmanship - Cursive 3 (Abeka gr 3)     lesson 168 of 175     (96.0%)
          Ind Reading - Fire World (Chris D'Lacey)     chapter 49 of 60     (81.7%)
          Classic Lit - Outdoor Girls On Pine Island (Laura Lee Hope)     chapter 16 of 25     (64.0%)
          Classic Lit - Patchwork Girl Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)     chapter 12 of 28     (42.9%)
          Textbook - Your Health (Harcourt gr 3)     lesson 57 of 85     (67.1%)
          Reading - Book Of Virtues (William J Bennett)     lesson 39 of 100     (39.0%)
     Foreign Language:
          Latin - Minimus (Cambridge)     lesson 37 of 81     (45.7%)

Completed Curriculum For The 2011-2012 School Year (2nd Grade):
          Textbook - Discovery Works (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)
          Reading - First Book Of Bees (Albert Tibbets)
          Reading - Polar Bears (Susan Canizares)
          Reading - Rain Forest (Jinny Johnson)
          Reading - True Story Of Corky The Blind Seal (Georgeanne Irvine)
          Reading - To Be A Chimpanzee (Chris Martin)
          Reading - Horses (Harold Roth)
          Reading - Rattlesnakes (ZooBooks)
          Reading - Otter On His Own (Doe Boyle)
          Reading - Day Of The Dinosaur (Stan Berenstain)
          Reading - Kittens And Cats (Intercontinental Books)
          Reading - Creature Questions (Chris Kratt)
          Reading - Bravest Dog Ever (Natalie Standiford)
          Reading - Wild Cats (Diane Muldrow)
          Reading - Where Do Birds Live (Betsey Chessen)
          Reading - Look To The North (Jean Craighead George)
          Reading - Big Dinosaurs (Michael Berenstain)
          Reading - All Kinds Of Animals (Merrigold Press)
          Reading - Ancient Forest (Guy J Spencer)
          Reading - Animals (A+)
          Reading - Penguins And Other Polar Animals (Dalmatian Press)
          Reading - Discovering Australian Wildlife (Steve Parish)
          Reading - First Book Of Bugs (Margaret Williamson)
          Reading - My First Book About Space (Dinah L Moche)
          Reading - True Book Of Insects (Illa Podendorf)
          Reading - Tunnel Builders (James E Kelly)
          Reading - Little Puppy (Judy Dunn)
          Reading - Little Lamb (Judy Dunn)
          Reading - KoKo's Kitten (Francine Patterson)
          Reading - Urban Animals (Barbara Taylor)
          Reading - Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children (Jane Andrews)
          Reading - Face To Face Wolves (Scholastic)
          Textbook - Arithmetic 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          Reading - Brain Games For Kids (Publications International)
          Textbook - Spectrum Geography Grade 3 (McGraw Hill gr 3)
          Reading - Stories Of American Life And Adventure (Edward Eggleston)
          Reading - First Dog (Jan Brett)
          Reading - Orient (Tom McMahon)
          Reading - Story Of Jumping Mouse (John Steptoe)
          Reading - U S Mail (Elaine A Kule)
          Reading - Why The Sun And The Moon Live In The Sky (Elphinstone Dayrell)
          Reading - Finding The Titanic (Robert D Ballard)
          Reading - Stories From Old Russia (Edward W Dolch)
          Reading - Meet The Pilgrim Fathers (Elizabeth Payne)
          Reading - Dancing Teepees (Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve)
          Reading - Abiyoyo (Pete Seeger)
          Reading - If You'd Been Born In India (Gail Ranadive)
          Reading - Russia (Chantal Deltenre)
          Reading - Abby Takes A Stand (Patricia C McKissack)
          Reading - Little Duke (Charlotte Mary Yonge)
     Language Arts:
          Grammar - Language 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          Comprehension - Silly Things Happen (Houghton Mifflin gr 3)
          Comprehension - Foot Prints (Abeka gr 3)
          Comprehension - Worlds Of Wonder (Abeka gr 3)
          Independent Reading - Last Dragon Chronicles:
               Fire Star (Chris D'Lacey)
               Fire Eternal (Chris D'Lacey)
               Dark Fire (Chris D'Lacey)
          Independent Reading - Twilight Saga:
               New Moon (Stephenie Meyer)
               Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer)
               Breaking Dawn (Stephenie Meyer)
               Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner (Stephenie Meyer)
          Classic Literature - Outdoor Girls series:
               Outdoor Girls Of Deepdale (Laura Lee Hope)
               Outdoor Girls In A Motor Car (Laura Lee Hope)
               Outdoor Girls In A Winter Camp (Laura Lee Hope)
               Outdoor Girls In Florida (Laura Lee Hope)
               Outdoor Girls At Ocean View (Laura Lee Hope)
          Classic Literature - Oz series:
               Wizard Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
               Land Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
               Ozma Of Oz (Laura Lee Hope)
               Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
               Road To Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
               Emerald City Of Oz (Lyman Frank Baum)
          Classic Literature - Black Beauty - Young Folks' Edition (Anna Sewell)
          Classic Literature - Flower Fables (Louisa May Alcott)
          Classic Literature - Tale Of Jemima Puddle Duck (Beatrix Potter)
          Free Reading - Glory Of Unicorns (Bruce Coville)
          Free Reading - Wishbone - Unleashed In Space (Alexander Steele)
          Free Reading - Wishbone - Salty Dog (Brad Strickland)
          Textbook - Health, Safety, & Manners 3 (Abeka gr 3)
          Reading - It's Not The Stork (Robie H Harris)
     Foreign Language: