Monday, July 25, 2011

Things Done and Things Yet Undone

   I finally, and I stress the word finally, completed the organization of my book collection yesterday. What was 4 booksehelves in the boys room of kids books and two book shelves in our room of adult books and two book shelves in the living room of miscellaneous books, and two boxes of new books I bought over the weekend has turned into six book shelves of books from child to adult levels sorted alphabetically, dispersed from the boys room into our room, and two book shelves in the living room containing textbooks and coffe table books. This was a long-time coming, but it has finally been accomplished. Yay! Don't you love that quick rush of relief? Of course, then you look around the one room you are currently sitting in (in this case my living room), and you realize that not only does nobody care about this small feat other than youself, but also that you still have organize the books on your kindle, rearrange the catalogued title lists on your pc, sort the new index card catalogue pages into the boxes, write the rest of the papers for 4th grade for your 2nd grader, oh and don't forget to vacuum, wash laundry, wash the dishes (which are now two loads behind instead of the usual one), and of course there's always the snoring pooch laying next to you acting like she's the one having a long day... I did at least clean out Miss Bunny's cage this morning.
   The kindle books (around 1300 of them) were organized as of last Thursday. Then I realized that the way I had them sorted (by genre and grade) would not work long term as I rearrange the books into other categories and find grade levels for the currently unmarked ones. So, I set about a new sorting method which simplifies the whole thing. But, since I have to move the books araound one book at a time, this is gonna take a while :( At least the kids still have full use of the kindle during this process.
   This weekend was spent doing three things I love: hitting yard sales, flea markets, and Books-A-Million... The hauls were not fantastic, but they were still good deals in my book. Here are the high points:

          1) Books: Abeka Arithmetic 5 (barely used); Abeka Arithmetic 6 Tests (barely used);
                 Usborne Advanced Puzzle Adventures
              Toys: Discovery Toys Kaleidoscope Ball
                              Total Paid: $8
          2) New Books: 10 Nancy Drew books ... $10
          3) Books: 8 Nancy Drew books; 3 Madeline L'Engle books; Laura Ingalls Wilder book;
                 A A Milne book; Roald Dahl book; animal stories
              Clothing: sleeper, two rompers, shorts and shirt for KiKi
              Toys: two small toys for KiKi
                              Total Paid: $13
          4) Books: 2 animal story books; Jean M Auel book; Christopher Paolini book ... Total Paid: $5.50
          5) New Books: Katrina photo book; Golden Compass movie book; 2 dragon story books;
                 4 Precious Girls books ... Total Paid: $20

   In case you didn't notice, books have been taking up a lot of my free time (and money) lately. Oh well, seems to be something at least semi-worthwhile...
   Meanwhile, Bob is awaiting repair. His motor is currently sitting in my garage to be rebuilt and there are rumors about his transmission getting redone as well. Poor Bob, I miss him. He should be a lot happier after all this is done...

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