Monday, July 18, 2011

Istanbul Snappers

   You know the little snapper things from the fourth of july? You throw them and they pop. Or you squish them between your fingers and they pop. Yeah, you're not supposed to do that, but you get the point. Anyway, we had some leftover ones. And, the mean mommy that I am, I kept them and have been randomly using them to startle the kids. Like throwing them on the bedroom door when they're all quietly engrossed in playing, and things such as that.
   Well, the leftovers are sitting on the kitchen table, loose, ready for use. And quite frankly I'd totally forgotten about their existence, much less their location. So, B was sitting at the table doing her work and accidentally knocked the pile with her elbow. And onto the floor the go. How only one managed to pop, I have no idea. But she jumped out of her seat and squealed very loudly... That was earlier today.
   Later, Mutt got home from work and she told him about the incident, laughing about how funny the whole thing was. Then, a few hours laer, she was at the table again, coloring. And guess what? She did it again. And, I honestly think the second squeal was louder and higher pitched than the first... You don't have to terrorize your kids. Just remember to laugh your butt off when they terrorize themselves...
   Mutt and I were arguing over what's for dinner. Or more, debating, rather than arguing. So he finally asked me what I'm "feeling" for dinner, and I told him "Istanbul". To which he immediately replied, "that's funny, I'm looking at a Turkish gun right now, what are the odds of that?"... Darn internet!
   If you're wondering why I said Istabul, I suggest watching the last five to ten minutes of Swordfish, pre-credits...

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